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The primary aim of Tacoma Strength’s fundamentals program is to teach you the key positions and movements you’ll need to know for fruitful participation in our general program. Every movement exists on a continuum or a hierarchy (there’s always a more advanced and a less advanced version). We want you to know where you are on the hierarchy for each of the movements that form the basis of our program so that you can train at a level that yields impeccable quality, while still challenging you to the degree that is the most productive.

Option 1: Personalized Programing

Feeling stuck? Tired of the same old aches and pains and plateaus in the gym? Tacoma Strength is bridging the gap between rehab and performance. Learn how movement assessments and personalized coaching can improve your life.

Option 2: Group Fundamentals

In light of the current situation, we are currently guiding those interested in joining Tacoma Strength to either of our more personalized options:

Both options offer a more personalized coaching experience in either a one-on-one environment or smaller groups. We're looking forward to restarting our Fundamentals Program soon. #tacomatogether

A four week course designed to introduce you to all the movements we use in our General Physical Preparedness classes at Tacoma Strength.

Option 3: Already Experienced In The Gym

Option 4: Olympic Weightlifting

Whether you are new to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) or you are looking to improve the quality of your movement, the Tacoma Strength Weightlifting team has a place for you. If you are new or novice weightlifter with little or no experience with the Olympic lifts or if you are looking for a refresher please contact us at for more information or come in and schedule a movement assessment!

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