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First, A Note On Skipping Fundamentals

Having previous gym experience does not necessarily mean you should skip our awesome Fundamentals program and move right into classes. Switching gyms means new coaching techniques, different cues and even new clarity and understanding of how and why we move the way we do. A periodic revisit to the roots of fitness movement can be helpful to our strength program. Four to eigth weeks of Fundamentals could be one of the most important steps you choose to take even with previous experience. Working with a coach again in a fundamentals environment gives us that all important second set of eyes on the core work we have been building on. Even Olympic athletes have coaches help them assess they basic form and technique movements.

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But we get it. You’ve spent your time honing your fitness craft and already have a keen understanding of the basics when it comes to fitness movements and lifting weights. You’re eager to get started with us and continue your training without any back pedaling that you think an intro Fundamentals class may cause. With that in mind, we don’t want to hinder your progress.

If you have previous MMGPP (Multi modal General Physical Preparedness, Metcon, GPP) group classes, Powerlifting, and Olympic Barbell movement experience, please request to set up a Drop-In interview with our training staff. Tell us what you have been up to recently with your fitness and what you are hoping to achieve at Tacoma Strength. We will arrange a time with you to tour the gym, speak with a trainer about how our memberships work and drop in to one of our classes. After that, the trainer will let you know what the next steps are. If we don’t see any major movement flaws or issues, we will help you get set up with membership right then and there. At times though, we may see some things during the class that require some personal training sessions before we clear you for classes.

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