Olympic Weightlifting Team/Program & Coaching

Are you looking for a fun, structured, and hands-on coached Olympic Weightlifting Program?

The Tacoma Strength Weightlifting team has a place for you whether you are new to the sport of Olympic Weightlifting (Snatch, Clean & Jerk) or you are looking to improve the quality of your movement.

Regardless of your age or experience level, it's never too late to improve your skills and step onto the platform to compete and have some fun. Both the Masters (35 and over) and Teen/Youth community in the sport are growing and now is a perfect time for you to join-in.

Training Session Times

Training sessions are available both in the mornings and the evenings. All skill levels welcome.

Youth and Kids Training Session Times*

*Training times for Youth and Kids Programs may vary depending on the scheduling needs of both the young athlete and parent/guardian. Contact us for more details.

Remote Coaching and Video Lift Review

Open Gym Available

If you are new or novice weightlifter with little or no experience with Olympic Weightlifting or if you are looking for a refresher please contact us at weightlifting@tacomastrength.com for more information or come in and schedule a movement assessment!


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