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Week of May 21, 2018

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.Mark Rippetoe

Gym News

  • Murph 2018
    • Come join us for Murph this Saturday @ 9 am. More details to come.

  • Novice/Beginner Weightlifting Class Returns
    • Come in and improve your snatch, clean, and jerk every Thursday and Saturday @ 5:30 pm. All skills welcome. Details…

  • Team Builder App
    • We are excited to announce this new add-on for easily tracking your gym workouts and lifts. Now you can easily access your Tacoma Strength workouts and lifting maxes wherever you are; using your tablet, computer or mobile device. Details…



  • Front Squat 6x8 to 87%


  • 5 rounds
    • Shuttle Run 60 yards (6 x 10 yards)
    • Cleans x10 (Health: 35lbs Athletic: 75lbs Performance: 115lbs)
    • Rest 2:00


  • We are building off the progression that was seen a couple weeks ago. The goal is to remain at a high intensity. Scale weights and even the movement so you can be smooth and maintain good positions. A front squat is an appropriate movement to achieve the same stimulus.



  • A: 3 Position Power Snatch at 70%
  • B1: 10 Shoulder Press 3x10
  • B2: 10 Bent Over Row< 3x10


  • 3 rounds
    • Run 400m
    • Pull Ups x12
    • Shoulder to Overhead x12 (Health: 55lbs Athletic: 75lbs Performance: 115lbs)


  • Scale: 12-16 minutes (Cap at 16 minutes)
  • The goal is to remain moving. The goal for the pull ups would be to pick a progression that we will allow you to keep moving at decently big sets. The shoulder to overhead should start to get challenging once you start getting to reps 8,9, and 10. Maintain a quality front rack position and overhead position when performing the reps.


Performance Care

  • Reverse Lunge 3x10 each leg (25 - 35% of Back Squat 1RM)


  • HSPU (or progression) x40/30
  • Toes to Bar x40/30
  • Calorie Row (or bike) x40/30
  • DB Box Step Overs x40/30
  • Overhead Lunge Right x50'
  • Overhead Lunge Left x50'


  • DB Weight: (Health: 15lbs Athletic: 25lbs Performance: 40lbs)
  • Scale: Cap at 22 minutes
  • Scale Up: 50 reps each, 70/50lb DBs
  • The goal here is consistent movement. This one will be tough. Scale the gymnastics at the beginning to appropriate progressions. Pace the calorie row or bike so it does not blow your legs up for the DB Box step overs. Make sure you are maintaining appropriate posture on the DB box step overs and pay attention to what you are doing as you go to step down.


  • A: Row 500m Warm-Up
  • B: Row 3 x 200/150m Sprint w/ 1:30 rest between each
  • C: Rest 3:00
  • D: Row 2 x 300/225m Sprint w/ 2:00 rest between each


  • 2 sets
    • 15 second HS Hold
    • 45 seconds Max V-Tuck
  • Rest 2:00
  • 2 sets
    • 15 seconds Pull Ups
    • 45 seconds Seated Band Lat Pulldown
  • Rest 2:00


  • AMRAP 7
    • 6 Burpees Over Parallette
    • 50’ Bear Crawl Forward
    • 50’ Bear Crawl Backward
    • 50 Double-Unders (75 singles)


  • The gymnastics are building muscle endurance in the core and vertical pulling motion. During the 45 seconds of work aim to work at a steady pace. Do not just go fast at the beginning. Keep the bear crawl as a crawl and do not try and sprint or run through this.



  • Deadlift 4x8 to 77%


  • 5 rounds
    • 20 Air Squats
    • 10 Bar Facing Burpees
    • 12/9 Calorie Row
    • Rest 2:00


  • Scale: 18-24 minutes (cap at 25 minutes)
  • Scale Up: See App
  • High intensity body weight intervals. No weights today. Push hard and try to hang on. Make sure you are hitting a solid range of motion and standing all the way up on the air squats. Focus on rest and recovery during the two minutes so you can hit each round at max intensity.



  • “Murph”
    • Run 1 mile
    • 100 Pull Ups
    • 200 Push Ups
    • 300 Air Squats
    • Run 1 mile


  • Scale: Wear a 20/14lb weight vest
  • Partner Version: Complete with partner. Run 1 mile together at the beginning and at the end. Split the pull ups, push ups, and air squats as desired. One partner works at a time during these movements.

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