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Week of December 11, 2017

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Strength: Front Squat

  • 7 sets 3 to 87%

Conditioning: 5 Rounds

  • 12 Toes to Bar
  • 9 HSPU (or progression)
  • 6 Thrusters (Performance: 125lbs Athletic: 80lbs Health: 55lbs)
  • Scale: 10-15 minutes
  • Scale Up: 6 rounds, 155/105lb, Strict HSPU


  • Wrist Mobility
  • Lizard Stretch x 2 min each

Intent: We are building to a heavy set of 3 over the course of our 7 sets. The goal is going to be to get to that 87% range. Scale percentages and sets based on how it feels and how our positioning is as it starts to get heavy. The thrusters in the conditioning are to be a little bit on the heavier side. Make sure our front rack position is good as we descend for that front squat as part of the thruster. Drive through the legs to get it overhead and save our shoulders for the HSPU and toes to bar.


Strength: 5 sets as a superset

  • 2 Power Clean + Push Jerk to 80%
  • 5 Weighted Strict Pull Ups
  • Rest 60 seconds between sets

Conditioning: AMRAP x 6 min

  • 16 Box Step Ups (8 each leg) (Performance: 24” Athletic: 20” Health: 12”)
  • 12 DBL KB Swings (Performance: 20kg Athletic: 12kg Health: 8kg)
  • 2 Power Clean + Push Jerks (Performance: 70% Athletic: 65% Health: 60%)

Rest 3 min; then AMRAP x 6 minutes

  • 10 Burpee Box Jump Overs (no touch) (Performance: 24” Athletic: 20” Health: 12”)
  • 4 Power Clean + Jerk (Performance: 65% Athletic: 60% Health: 55%)
  • 10 KB Front Rack Lunges (same)
  • Scale: Part #1 2-4 rounds, Part #2 1.5 - 3 rounds
  • Scale Up: 75% & 70% Power Clean and Jerks, 24/16kg KB Swings + Lunges, do Part #3 (teambuilder)


  • Frog Stretch x 2 min
  • A-frame to Cobra x 6-8 each
  • T-spine Rotations x 12-15 each side

Intent: Our strength together is going to be performed as a superset. The power clean and jerk and strict pull ups are our focus today. Build over the course of the sets to find that 80% mark. Focus on driving through the legs and finishing the pull for each rep. The pull ups are there for building strength. We have two 6 minutes amraps for our conditioning today. It will features our strength work as well. Scale percentages as needed but the goal to build strength and power. Double KB swings are building strength in our lower back and hamstrings. The goal for the burpee box jump overs this week is to completely jump over the box. Scale this movement as needed. Keep the chest upright and focus on staying tight through the front rack lunges.


Performance Care: 3 rounds

  • 5 Strict Press (build to challenging last set)
  • 5 Single Leg RDL’s each leg (DB)
  • 30 Supinated Bar Hang

Conditioning: AMRAP x 18 min

  • 14 Chest to Bar (Athletic: Pull Ups Health: Ring Rows)
  • 14 Ring Dips (Athletic: Box Dips Health: Assisted Dips)
  • 64 Wall Balls (Performance: 20lbs/10’ Athletic: 14lbs/9’ Health: 10lbs/8’)
  • 96 Double Unders (144 Singles)
  • Scale: 2-3 rounds
  • Scale Up: 14 Ring Muscle Ups, 84 Wall Balls, 126 Double Unders


  • Pigeon Stretch x 2 min each
  • Twisted Cross x 2 min each

Intent: This is upper body building strength day for the performance care. Cycle through the rounds with resting as needed for each movement and set. The strict press is with a barbell and the goal is to add weight each set. Use two DBs for the single leg RDL and perform 5 each leg. The last set should be a challenging set as well. The conditioning is a long work out. Pace early with the goal of a consistent pace. Break the wall balls in manageable sets to not burn out and keep moving. Stay relaxed on the double unders to save the shoulders.


Conditioning: w/ a group of 3 (1 partner rest); AMRAP x 10 min

  • Assault Bike Calories (Performance: 15 Athletic: 11 Health: 7)
  • 45 seconds Box Step Ups

Rest 3 min; then 10 min AMRAP

  • Rowing (Performance: 250m Athletic: 200m Health: 150m)
  • Handstand Hold x 30 seconds

Gymnastics: 3 rounds for Quality

  • 15 High Amplitude Swings building to Toes to Bar over 5 swings
  • 10 Box Deficit HSPU
  • 3 x 15 second L-sit or Tuck Sit w/ 15 second rest

Mobility: 2 rounds

  • Seated Forward Fold x 1 min
  • Banded Overhead Stretch x 1 min
  • Shoulder Dislocates x 1 min

Intent: We are building aerobic capacity and ability to focus on breathing through each movement. Push pretty hard on the assault bike and rower and then recover during the other movements. The gymnastics are to develop HSPU push up strength and toes to bar. Break your set of 10 as needed to focus on quality and challenge. Use parallettes for the deficit if you can. Focus on a quality kip for each rep and slowly build to that toes to bar over the 5 swings. Break the total set of 15 as needed. The 15 will feature 3 toes to bar.


Strength: Snatch

  • 5 sets 3 to 80%; then
  • 2 sets 2 to 90%

Conditioning: 3 rounds

  • 8 Sumo Deadlifts (Performance: 135lbs Athletic: 95lbs Health: 65lbs)
  • 12 Front Squats (same)
  • 12 HSPU (Athletic: 9 Health: Progression or DB strict press)
  • 15 Lateral Burpees over the Bar
  • Rest 2:00
  • Scale: 14-19 minutes
  • Scale Up: see TeamBuilder App


  • Seated Straddle x 2 min
  • Samson Stretch x 2 min each

Intent: The goal is to build strength with the snatch. However focus on good reps over going heavy. If there are missed reps then stay at that percentage and focus on finishing each set. Focus on a good setup for the sumo deadlifts if it is something that you normally have not performed. The elbows and chest must remain high during the front squats. You may kip the HSPU as long as we have strict handstand push up strength. This is an interval weight lifting style workout so take the two minute rest period in between rounds to focus on recovery.


Strength: Deadlifts

  • 3 sets 3 starting at 70% and building to 80%

Conditioning: For Time with a Partner (1 working at a time)

  • 100 DB Snatch (Performance: 50lbs Athletic: 35lbs Health: 20lbs)
  • 300 Double Unders (600 singles)
  • 50 Deadlifts (Performance: 245lbs Athletic: 165lbs Health: 95lbs)
  • Calorie Row (Performance: 4 x 15 each Athletic: 4 x 12 each Health: 4 x 9 each)
  • Scale: 20- 28 min (CAP at 30 min)
  • Scale Up: see teambuilder App


  • Supine Twist x 2 min
  • Half Front Split x 1 min each

Intent: There is a lot of pulling today. The deadlift will be performed in the 70 and 80 percent range. Warm up properly to get to this point and then start counting the sets. Perform the conditioning with a partner while one person works and one person rests. Break the sets early and often to keep the group moving. When you get to the row each person will tackle each interval amount by themselves with the other rests. Push a good pace on these intervals to finish the workout strong.

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