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Week of October 16, 2017

Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general.Mark Rippetoe

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  • Fall Schedule Changes
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  • Skills Workshop
    • Learn a new skill or brush up on one that you've been meaning to improve. Details...

  • Join The Stadium Unleashed 2018
    • The road to Stadium Unleashed 2018 starts now. Stay tuned for details as we put together a Tacoma Strength group to practice over the next 12 months and win the team competition next year. If interested in joining, contact us.


Strength: Front Squat

  • 6 sets 3 to 70%

Conditioning: 3 x 4 min AMRAP w/ 2 min rest; Climb the Ladder 3,6,9, etc.

  • Clean and Jerk (Performance:115lbs Athletic:85lbs Health: 55lbs)
  • Toes to Bar
  • Scale: 27-60 reps each (2.5 to 4 rounds each) 108 - 240 total
  • Scale Up: 135/95lbs


  • Wrist Stretch
  • Lizard Stretch x 2 min

Intent: We have a deload week for the percentages in our front squats. This is a good time to practice positioning and speed in our squats. Have a good pace for the conditioning. The clean and jerk can either be a full clean or a power clean. Be careful of going to fast to burn out but also keep in mind that 4 minutes is not a lot of time. Start at the beginning for each AMRAP.


Strength: 3 sets 8 to heavy; Perform as a Superset

  • Deficit RDL
  • 3 sets 5 to moderate challenge
  • Single Arm Overhead Press (DB)

Conditioning: 3 rounds

  • Wall Walks (Performance: 4 Athletic: 3 Health: 2)
  • 12 Handstand Push Ups
  • 9 Ring Rips
  • 12 Bar Facing Burpees (Health: 9)
  • Rest 1:1
  • Scale: 15- 21 min
  • Scale Up: 6 Wall Walks, 4 rounds


  • Frog Stretch x 2 min
  • Banded Overhead Stretch x 2 min

Intent: We are using the RDL’s to build hamstring and lower back strength. Only use a deficit if we can achieve a neutral spine for the lift. Superset the single arm press to balance out strength on each side. A gymnastic heavy conditioning piece. You are going to feel some local muscle endurance with this workout. Scale the reps and movements to keep moving and do large sets. Set up a loaded bar for the burpees or use a parallette to jump over. The burpees with adding a breathing element to the workout.


Performance Care: 3 rounds

  • 12 Reverse Lunges
  • 30 Second Overhead Hold w/ Barbell
  • Perform reverse lunges for 12 on right leg, hold barbell overhead 30 second
  • Repeat for 12 reps left leg, hold barbell overhead 30 second
  • Total times holding barbell will be 6

Conditioning: 4 rounds

  • Calorie Row (Performance: 15 Athletic: 12 Health: 9)
  • 12 Alternating DB Snatch (Performance: 70lbs Athletic: 45lbs Health: 25lbs)
  • 90 Double Unders (Athletic: 60 Health: 120 Singles)
  • Rest 2:00
  • Scale: 18- 25 min
  • Scale Up: see board

Intent: Single leg structural balance with our reverse lunges. Overhead stability with the holds. Use the same barbell for both and work up each set to a challenging last set. Set a good pace for the conditioning. It is a decently long work out. Stay relaxed for the double unders to save shoulders. Use a good setup for the DB snatches as they may be a bit heavier than what we usually use.


Rowing: 2 rounds

  • 500m @2k pace
  • Rest 60 sec
  • 300m @1k pace
  • Rest 2:00

Gymnastics: 25 min for form over fatigue

  • 5 Kipping Toes to Bar + 5 Kipping Pull Ups
    • 10 Arch to Hollows + 5 Pull Ups
  • 5 Jelly Bellies
  • Headstand
    • 30/30/3
  • 10-15 Handstand Kick Ups
  • 3-5 Tuck Pull to Invert
  • 5 each Leg Pistol Squat or progression


  • Twisted Cross x 2 min
  • Standing Straddle x 2 min

Intent: The row intervals are not going to be an all out pace. Stay within the pacing for each set. Going to work some practice with the kip for both toes to bar and pull ups. If you do not have pull ups yet then work some arch to hollows followed by pull up progression to build strength. Focus on rib cage down and engaged core for the headstand and also the handstand kick ups. We are going to start working on pistol squat progressions moving forward.


Strength: Clean

  • 5 sets 3 at 50%
  • moderate 200/150m row between sets

Conditioning: 4 rounds

  • 20 Wall Balls (Performance: 20lbs/10’ Athletic: 14lbs/9’ Health: 10lbs/9’)
  • 14 KB Snatch (7 each) (Performance: 24kg Athletic: 16kg Health: 16kg KB Swings)
  • 60’ Shuttle x 10 (600 total feet)
  • Rest 2:00
  • Scale: 14-20 min
  • Scale Up: 5 rounds, 30/20lb Wall balls, 32/24kg KB


  • Pigeon Stretch x 2 min
  • Lunge Stretch x 2 min

Intent: It is a deload week for the olympic lifts. Stay light and do all sets at the 50%. Use the row to keep moving and focus on breathing. In no way should this be a sprint or make us out of breath. Focus on nose breathing to keep intensity down. We want to push at a good pace for the conditioning. Try to stay unbroken on the wall balls since you are coming off a rest interval. Each time you cross a line on the shuttle run to turn around it is 1 rep.


Strength: Deadlift

  • 5 sets 3 building to 75%

Conditioning: 4 rounds

  • 2 Deadlifts (Performance: 85% Athletic: 80% Health: 75%)
  • 300’ Sled Pull
  • Rest 1:00
  • 300’ Shuttle Sprint
  • Rest 3:00
  • Scale: 24-30 min
  • Scale Up: 8 rounds, 87% Deadlift


  • Frog Stretch x 2 min
  • Single Leg Forward Fold x 2 min each

Intent: This is some strongman work. Use the beginning sets of deadlift to warm up to that working weight for the conditioning. The sled should be a consistent marching pace the entire time. Do not make it to heavy that you have to stop moving and rest. Run at about 90% for the sprint. Be fast but do not go all out.


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