Tacoma Strength And You

Photo Credit: Big thanks to the awesome Lisa Hepfer

You are a physical being, you are meant to be active. Your body is designed to climb and crawl, run and wrestle. Humans are hard-wired to move and a person who is inactive cannot possibly reach their full potential. Exercise cleans your body of stress hormones, improves brain function, emotional condition, and generally improves your quality of life while also increasing the likelihood that your life will last longer.

There are many reasons to want to be fit. For some it’s to be able to run a marathon, to kayak across the Sound, to hike Rainier, or to keep up with your 3 year old, party hard, or simply set yourself up for a long and fulfilling life. What can set you up for all of that without having to be an expert, while fitting into your busy life?

The answer is Tacoma Strength.

We run small groups through the best possible strength and conditioning program to produce well-rounded meaningful fitness. All of our classes are led by an experienced professional coach. It's a proven fact that you achieve more with a coach and a team. We provide the best methods by the best coaches to get our members real results. Be the best at what you do, get the best to work for you. No fluff, no b.s., just hard-earned results.

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