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Leon Aldrich

​Leon got an early start on his athletic endeavors when his father brought him to his first karate class at age 3. Later, his passion for athletics led him to pursue a B.S. in Kinesiology from the University of Massachusetts. Shortly after graduation he became a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the NSCA. While attending college, Leon worked as manager and eventually assistant director of a University wellness program. He also began training and coaching in Mixed Martial Arts and went on to compete in two professional MMA fights.

In 2004, Leon was introduced to the CrossFit methodology and began experimenting. CrossFit exposed some major weaknesses in his training and changed the way he trained his clients. Leon is a CrossFit Level 1 certified trainer as well as an A.C.E certified personal trainer. He has attended the Paleolithic Solution Nutrition Seminar, CrossFit Running and Endurance Sports Seminar, Kelly Starrett’s mobility seminar, Dan John’s seminar and his education continues on a daily basis.

In February of 2009, Leon moved to Tacoma, joined Tacoma Strength where he soon began coaching. Leon is now a co-owner of Tacoma Strength and Conditioning and continues to coach at both gyms. He also recently became the assistant varsity baseball coach at Clover Park High School. Leon has over 10 years of personal training and coaching experience. Over the years his interest in athletics has evolved into a dedication to fitness and total health and longevity. Nutrition, sleep, exercise and lifestyle are all equally important pieces of the puzzle. Leon cares deeply about the health and happiness of his clients, many of whom have become his friends. .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Craig O’Hanlon

Craig O'Hanlon limped into Tacoma Strength in January 2011 after losing a bet with himself. He was Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead, at least that's what his medical tests said. He jumped in head first. Leon taught him the basics of CrossFit and introduced him to the Paleo & JERF (Just Eat Real Food) Movement. The rest is history. In his first month at Tacoma Strength, Craig dropped almost 40 pounds and won the Winter 2011 Clean Eating Gym Challenge. Read the rest of his amazing story.

As a French Classical Chef School Graduate and former Executive Chef and General Manager, Craig now offers Hero Support to the gym members of Tacoma Strength. Don't know how to cook? Contact Craig. Wondering about Paleo? Contact Craig. Looking to spice up your cooking game? Contact Craig. Got an item for the weekly newsletter? Contact Craig. Got an idea for a great social gym event? Contact Craig.

Wait. How do I contact Craig? .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Maria Rodriguez

Maria was born in LA but truly grew up in Tucson, Arizona where she discovered yoga as a college student. She practiced Ashtanga every day, sometimes twice a day which inspired her to pursue her fitness journey. After she graduated college with her bachelor in fine arts with an emphasis in sculpture, she moved to Washington to be with her now husband in Tacoma, Washington. Here, she finally got certified in yoga all while discovering what CrossFit had to offer. Tacoma Strength is where she was introduced to a deeper love, powerlifting. Maria is now certified in USAPL as a powerlifting club coach. She teaches a variety of strength classes in Tacoma as well. Her fitness career is always growing as she's always striving to become a better instructor, personal trainer and coach.

Jo Ann Lucas

Jo Ann came to Tacoma Strength in 2009 and was hooked immediately. Trust me, she looked like a deer in headlights but she kept coming back. Jo Ann has always tried to maintain some sort of physical activity through out her life. She was mainly a social long distance runner before cross fit. She has done numerous events for Team in Training, Leukemia Society. Jo Ann has an Olympic Lifting Certification and plans to take more CrossFit certifications.

Since being involved with CrossFit she has seen a transformation with her physical activities and overall health. She has always had lower back issues with her job but now she no longer has that issue.

Jo Ann values the CrossFit community and loves to push you to accomplish your goals with a smile.

Jordan Coby

Jordan Coby was born and raised in Tacoma and attended Wilson High School. He attended Tacoma Community College and then later graduated from Central Washington University on a full-ride athletic scholarship to play basketball. Jordan earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science while at Central Washington University. Using his education, experience he has gained, and attending various trainings, Jordan specializes in correct proper movement within exercise and weight lifting. He can provide workouts from novice to expert in terms of movement patterns. His love for proper movement has given him the knowledge and resources to help people work on moving naturally and safely in the gym and also daily life.

Andrew Davis

I started gymnastics when I was a wee tyke and competed through college at Michigan State University. I coached recreational gymnasts as well as advanced gymnasts for many years during and after my career.

I found CrossFit in 2008, received my level one certification in 2009, and the varied workouts have kept me coming back ever since.

I enjoy working core strength and programming cardio style workouts with dynamic movements. Come and play. It will be fun!

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