Bar Wars

Next Episode Coming Soon. May 2023.

Presented by VIRUS International

Hosted by Tacoma Strength


Final Leaderboard

Awards and Prizes

*If an athlete wins both the team competition AND places within their division only one singlet will be awarded per athlete.

Is this a USAW sanctioned event?


How will the bounty be rewarded?

The $500 bounty will be rewarded to the team with the best team score.

Will I be assigned a team?

What if I don't have a team?

Come lift anyway.

This meet's goal is to have fun and we'll have awards for individual women, men, and masters.

Will there be awards for individuals?


Are disintegrations allowed?

"You are free to use any mean necessary but…"

Is this a "Serious" meet?

"Hey kid, it ain't that kind of movie…"

This is a USAW Sanctioned meet.

The prizes are real and the lifts will be judged and counted but this meet is really just a max out day that got out of hand.


May the kilos be with you.

Event Details / Schedule

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