This Week In Running A Gym - July 5, 2014

I sometimes play video games to unwind. When work and life become hectic, the game becomes my escape. In particular I like the game Civilization 5, which is an enormously complex empire-building game where you balance literally dozens of factors while pursuing multiple victory strategies. Honestly, the game is so challenging that when the idea of starting a business first came to mind 6+ years ago, I figured that running a business couldn't be that much harder than winning at Civ 5. By and large I was right, although running a real business involves a slightly broader skill set and you're not allowed to nuke your competition.

There is a quote that appears at one point in the game which goes, “Two things are needed for greatness, a plan and not quite enough time.” That idea stuck with me so I wrote it across the top of the whiteboard in the gym office. After Leon and I decided to take the energy that we would have put toward the T-Town Throwdown and put it toward improving our beginner program instead, we found ourselves with a plan and an ambitiously short timeline. We're talking complete overhaul, new curriculum and materials, six times longer than what we had done, and more comprehensive than anything any gym I know of is doing. Start from scratch, be ready for roll-out August 1. Ready go.

My particular pile of work involves designing and writing the curriculum for everything that goes alongside the actual training program. Meanwhile, I'm in Bend OR at a family reunion. This has been a mixed blessing. Freedom from the usual distractions and routines leaves me with chunks of time and fresh energy for research and writing. But new distractions and activities suck up that time as quickly as it becomes available. There's a group heading into town to watch Transformers? I'll be right there! A hike? Flag football? World Cup? Take my son bike riding? Well, I guess this lesson plan can wait.

My goal had been to finish at least five lessons, and I currently have two done. A couple of knuckle-down work sessions ought to get me to the goal. Which I'll get to right after we get back from the hot tub.

By Morgan on Sunday, July, 06, 2014