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Tacoma Strength 8-Week Fundamentals Program

DON'T KEEP SITTING ON THE SIDELINES - Join us and get started on being your best YOU!

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Starts March 4th

We run our two month Fundamentals Program 6 times per year. The next class begins on March 4th. In it, you'll learn everything you need to kick-start your body and mind on a path to better health & fitness and to be successful in all our Tacoma Strength group classes.

We will teach you the basic form and technique fundamentals of weightlifting, gymnastics, and overall conditioning movements. As well, each day you’ll get a good sweat going while kick-starting your body into becoming the new you that you’ve always wanted to be! You will build strength while replacing bad habits with new good ones, all within a positive and encouraging coaching environment.

You will squat and lift and push and stretch and sweat and have a ton of fun with a great group of people, learning how to move your body in all sorts of ways that are healthy and necessary to thrive at our full potential.

Worried About Old Injuries

Got a movement limitation or old injury? Tennis elbow acting up? That old soccer or football injury preventing you from working out? Rest easy! Within our coaching and programming structure, we aim to make sure each person has the proper modifications they need for successful movements. We coach you in a way that is right for your body and ALL the sports history and injuries you bring with you.

Structure. Progress. Fun!

Your Fundamentals Program group will meet 4 days a week (Monday through Thursday) from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm. Looking for more than that? As well, you are encouraged to come and work out with the Tacoma Strength gym community on Saturday mornings (8:00 am and 9:00 am classes). Saturdays are a lot of fun here. You will love them!

After the first six weeks of movement, form and technique training, we remove the training wheels, so to speak. You will spend the last two weeks of the class working out to our regular group class programming that we run throughout the day at Tacoma Strength. And that is it! You are ready to take your new skills forward into any Tacoma Strength class at any time of day that works well for you and your new found fitness and health habits!

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