An in-house open competition to test your mettle

Once again, the CrossFit Open is upon us.

In its place, Tacoma Strength will host a 5 week in-house competition to showcase all your hard work and training and test yourself in a more competitive environment with all your gym friends.

This 5 week competition will include tough physical workouts in the midst of great camaraderie and community.

We will have several different competitive levels available, so one will be right for you.

Levels will include Scaled and RX Men, Women and Masters Divisions, with weekly prizes being awarded as well as a cumulative 5 week winner in each category.

The first Met-Con will be announced starting February 21 and will continue weekly through Friday March 22.

Special Throw down group workouts and judging will occur at 4:30 pm each Friday, starting February 22.

Oh, and did we mention the celebratory party at the end?!!!

We will gather at the gym for dinner to celebrate our accomplishments, announce the winners, and award prizes on Friday, March 22.

So, grab your chalk bag and your jump rope and register now for your spot in this year’s Tacoma Strength T-Town Throwdown.

Register Today! Registration Is Now Closed

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