What Is This Push Press Software I Keep Hearing About

Happy 2017!

As we move forth into a brand new year at Tacoma Strength, complete with new fitness goals for the year, we are also moving forth with a brand new client management software system complete with new functionality for our gym members.

For many years we have been using a software program called Front Desk HQ. It has been a great program overall but there have always been a few holes in it. One of our goals always was to have a system where gym members could easily manage their own profile, checking balances, easily updating addresses and payment cards, and even buying retail items online whenever they wished to. While Front Desk limited many of these abilities, our new program, PUSH PRESS does not. It operates like many websites you currently order from and use in your everyday life.

In late November we began a trial roll out of the new PUSH PRESS software program - updating a few gym members at a time over to the new system. This allowed us to work out the kinks on a small scale that always come with these types of software changes. But with the new year, we are ready to roll it out to everyone.

In the next few weeks, you will receive several emails from us as we move your account over to the new PUSH PRESS system. Among them will be

Also, soon, a new check-in system will be available at the Front Desk. Instead of checking into our Front Desk HQ system when you arrive, you will be asked to check into the PushPress app on the iPads.

We are excited for this change as switching platforms from Front Desk to PushPress will free up our time to focus more on being better coaches and give us more time to work on the business which in turn benefits you.

If you have any questions about this change, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

By Craig on Sunday, January, 01, 2017