Weightlifting Class Is Now Official

We want to recognize Coach David Pak and his Olympic Weightlifting Training Class as an official class now at the gym. Several months ago, David came to us with an idea about starting a beginners lifting group and really digging into how form and technique work creates excellent weightlifters. If you haven’t had a chance to watch his class or see some of his students in your daily classes, then you are really missing out! The solid lifting form that these students are bringing into our regular classes is fabulous, and many gym members are noticing and asking about how their technique has improved so rapidly. This summer David will be expanding his lifting class to a morning time slot as well as opening it to allow a new cohort of lifters to begin working with them.

Side Note: David will be taking over as “Equipment Manager” here at Tacoma Strength. We have never had someone in this official capacity but have realized over time that there is definitely a need for the position as we see equipment needing repair or regular maintenance, and then not getting to it for some time. So, to combat this issue, we have been researching proper maintenance schedules for rowers, assault bikes and even barbells and kettlebells, and David is fast creating Excel Spreadsheets to keep all our gym equipment in tip-top shape. With this change, we should be able to return broken equipment back to the gym floor much faster than in the past.

By Craig on Thursday, June, 21, 2018