There Can Be Only One, Part 1

Greetings Tacoma Strength members,

I’d like to announce some significant happenings behind the scenes at Tacoma Strength. So, I will.

Several months ago, Morgan and I had a conversation about the future of Tacoma Strength and the future of its owners. After much thought and consideration we came to the conclusion that I should purchase Morgan’s and Lisa’s share of Tacoma Strength. So, I did. As of April 1st (this is not a joke), I am the one and true Supreme Overlord of Tacoma Strength. I promise to use this power for the enrichment of the lives of our gym members.

I’ll keep this post focused on the ownership change and in a future post I’ll discuss the evolution of the gym and my vision for the future. Many factors played into each of our decisions, but I think I can say confidently, that both Morgan and I are making the right move for ourselves and for Tacoma Strength.

The Hepfers will still be in Tacoma and you’ll see them at the gym, at least for the next few years, so from many of your perspectives, things won’t really be much different than they are now.

I am so grateful to Morgan, Lisa and all of our past and present Tacoma Strength members for the experiences, memories, and opportunities I’ve had because of this community. I’m thankful for the past and thrilled for the future.

After Morgan and I actually signed the paperwork to transfer the business over to me, something really strange happened to me. Not everyone will know this reference and all I can say is that I’m sorry your life hasn’t been everything it could have been, but it’s not too late.

By Leon on Sunday, April, 10, 2016