Tacoma Strength Builds A Community Garden

With the arrival of Spring, some of us have been noticing the back hill of the gym parking lot coming to life again. Right now it is full of weeds, horse tail and blackberries. But we have a vision!

Last year we started with a few tomato plants and this year we have even bigger plans. Planter boxes!

Gym member Ashley Powell wants to bring back the bees and help manage the process and Craig has seeded (See what I did there?) the project with $300 in startup funds.

The vision for this year is to prep and clean up the flat area next to the parking lot and build the first two of six planter boxes to grow some awesome, tasty and edible foods this summer. Eventually we would like to have a bunch of planter boxes brimming full of healthy, delicious organic food and a hillside of native plants that promote butterflies and bees.

We are looking for your financial and muscular help with the project. Contributors and caretakers will have first dibs on anything harvested this season.

If you have some time or interest in helping to install these boxes in May, email Craig.

If you want to be a summer caretaker of the garden, email Craig.

If you don't have time to build or caretake the boxes, but would like to contribute some matching funds (we estimate the total cost of the project this year to be around $750 for boxes, soils, plants and supplies.) then please email Craig.

We will keep you updated about the project's progress in future newsletters.

By Craig on Sunday, April, 19, 2015