Stretching Series

Hello All,

At TS we always have our sights set on improvement. We each want to be the best versions of ourselves that we can be and we want to offer you the training opportunities that help you do the same. Something that's easy to neglect in our training is focused work on flexibility. It's just not as Instagram worthy as getting a muscle up or a deadlift PR, so it tends to move further down the list of priorities. BUT, flexibility, or the lack of it, is very likely putting the brakes on your performance and your ability to move with grace and ease.

This is true to varying degrees for most of us. I've noticed that as I've focused on lifting and CrossFit like activities that I'm just not as flexible as I used to be and it is holding me back. So, I'm committed to the process of fixing that. I've been experimenting with some different stretching protocols over the last few weeks and I'd like bring you in on the action.

Who would join me on this quest for movement freedom? We'll work on one thing in each session and we'll do it once per week. A major area of weakness for me is thoracic mobility, so one of the sessions will be focused on developing a strong thoracic bridge (gymnastic style bridge). The other two will be focused on developing the Front Split and the Middle Split. These will have huge carry over to the rest of your pursuits.

The sessions will be about 45 minutes of focused work, but I'll schedule an hour so we have time to learn the stretches and have transition time. These will be relatively intense sessions, but anyone will be able do them. I don't recommend training after the session. Training before is okay, but don't be afraid to trade a regular workout session for a flexibility session, especially if you really need it.

Improving flexibility takes time and patience. It took many years for you to develop the tightness that you have, so don't expect it to go away in a few weeks. It might take you a year of consistent effort to see significant changes, but the next year is going to pass whether you work on this or not. You can either be more flexible at the end of that year, or not. Sounds fun, right? The good news is that you'll feel better with each session. It just takes a while for lasting change to happen.


By Leon on Sunday, May, 29, 2016