SOCIALWOD - Love it? Hate It? Or Meh?


Includes an apology, please keep reading.

SOCIALWOD - Love it? Hate It? Or Meh?

Since June we have been using SocialWOD as an online WOD tracking program for our gym members. The goal was to give you a place to easily keep track of all the hard work you were putting in at the gym and remove the need for you to drag your fragile cell phone around the weight room, or scrawl gibberish in an old shabby notebook.

Since starting last summer, we have been trying to get gym members to grab & edit their profile. To take possession of it, and see their WOD history, set some lifting goals and log some benchmarks. The results have been mixed with us hovering right around 1 in 5 gym members actually doing it. Depending on the number of members using the program, it costs us about $150 per month.

So, to increase awareness and participation, late last week we uploaded a database of all our members to SocialWOD so you would receive notifications of when you did a workout, how you did in that workout, and a weekly summary of how many workouts you did, and any pr's or goals you hit.

We achieved our goal! We increased awareness, and as of Monday morning, we now have over 1 in 3 of our members participating. Nice job!.

But along the way, we seem to have irked a few of you by allowing SocialWOD to suddenly send you an email that might be construed as junk mail.

We would like to apologize for that. We are very truly sorry.

Now, my rule of thumb is that if one person complains, then there are 4 or 5 more people who were upset, but didn’t take action. So again, if you received an email from SocialWOD and were offended, please accept our sincere apology. Email us your name to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and we will remove your name from their database right away, no questions asked.

That said, for those of you using SocialWOD, on the fence about SocialWOD or against SocialWOD, please let us know here or by email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) what you like, dislike or love about it.

Constructive comments only please, we are crowd surfing in an attempt to decide if it should stay or go.

We do put a fair amount of time each day into making sure your names are written on the white board correctly, scores are written correctly and the database is maintained each month. We currently feel there is value to this service over getting nothing like at other gyms, but maybe that is just us. Please let us know.

PS, not sure what we are even talking about? You can click here: to check it out and claim your profile.

By David on Monday, January, 12, 2015