Olympic Weightlifting Class

Learning and improving the clean & jerk and snatch.

Instructed by Coach Austin Kemink

Wednesdays and Fridays

Registration Required

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Hit the ground running in 2015 by improving your core weightlifting movements with our 8 week Clean & Jerk and Snatch Movement Class taught by Coach Austin Kemink at tacoma Strength.

Austin has been a Personal Trainer since 2008 with USAW Level 1 and NASM CPT certifications. His athletic background in basketball and track in high school as well as skiing, mountaineering and martial arts in college has led to CrossFit and Weightlifting training in his adult life. As a Corporate Pilot, Personal Trainer/Coach, and now as a Probationary Fire Fighter, his current goals are “to add another 10# of muscle mass and to be a part of the TS Open team to make a run at Regionals again next year and to stay healthy while doing it!”

His 8 week lifting class is open to anybody and everybody interested, but the focus of it will be on the basics by practicing one lift during each session.

Austin says, “the goal will be to improve on one of the most technically challenging parts of CrossFit and I want everyone to understand this will be an evolving class. If we get a good turnout and interest, the gym may start programming for those who want to lift competitively. We have a long term goal to form a Tacoma Strength Barbell Lifting Club. But for now, this class will be more about mastering technique than peaking for a competition.”

In class he will be break down each lift into its basic parts, 1st, 2nd & 3rd pulls, and ensure participants have an understanding of “the why” as well as drilling in the movement pattern into muscle memory. “We will be using weight as is dictated by the participant's skill.” It will not be a PVC class. Austin says he almost never use PVC because he doesn't believe it allows for enough feedback to the lifter. “I prescribe to the U.S. Version of weightlifting = 1st, 2nd, and 3rd pulls + bar sweep and follow Catalyst Athletics for the bulk of my technique advice.”

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to improve your lifts this winter. Spaces for the class are limited, so don't delay. To Register, Please Click HERE.

By David on Sunday, December, 21, 2014