Not Your Grandma’s Yoga

For a long time, y'all have been requesting yoga as a part of the regular Tacoma Strength service offerings. I get it. Yoga is a great counter-point to CrossFit. And it's phenomenal for building body awareness and control, not to mention the flexibility gains that can come with it. Now with us staff improving our Yoga skills to Dhalsim-like levels, it's time to start integrating some Yoga programming into our schedule.

The challenge with this sort of thing is always to find the time and frequency that works for the most people. Which for now looks like a weeknight during regular hours. So to try it out, we're going to run a yoga class starting this Wednesday at 6:30pm. A regular CrossFit class will be happening at the same time, with all of the loud music, swearing, and noise that comes with that. This won't be your grandma's yoga.

By Morgan on Sunday, November, 02, 2014