Message From Leon

This is my 10th year of being involved with Tacoma Strength and my 9th year in an ownership role. It would be difficult to overstate how much I appreciation I have for that experience and for all of you. I can’t think of a good friendship that I’ve made on this side of the country that wasn’t a direct result of the community that exists at Tacoma Strength.

I’m ready to move on, though. I’m also very happy to be leaving the gym in great hands. As mentioned above, Craig will be taking over as sole owner. Not soul owner. I’m selling that separately.

I have to acknowledge Craig (as in, it’s in our purchase agreement that I have to say something nice about him on my way out. Weird, right?). Seriously, Craig is the perfect choice to take over Tacoma Strength.

Firstly, he is truly a product of Tacoma Strength. Significant weight loss, health issues drastically improved, and healthy lifestyle habits installed. One really couldn’t hope for better results for a client. Immediately, he showed a genuine interest and love for the community. In the earlier days of running the Pine St. gym, Craig helped me immensely as a friend, mentor and eventually as an employee and business partner. I’ve said for a long time that every business owner needs a Craig.

Secondly, Craig has continually sought knowledge and experience that would increase his impact at Tacoma Strength. From Yoga certification to Precision Nutrition Coaching Certifications. The PN Level 2 Masters Certification he just finished was a years worth of daily work. It’s no joke. He has also been working really hard to sharpen his coaching skills to deliver a great class experience for you all.

Okay, that’s all I’m contractually obligated to say about Craig.

The rest of the team have been mentioned above. They are awesome. So, in summary, I’ll just say that you and Tacoma Strength are in good hands and I’m honored to be leaving this crew in charge.

You’ll see me around, as this dad bod isn’t just going to maintain itself.

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By Leon on Thursday, June, 21, 2018