How Do I Manage My Tacoma Strength Account Online?

With the recent changes in health care laws, we have had a sudden increase in the number of requests to print membership receipts, so members can submit them for reimbursement from their employer. While this is a very cool thing some employers are now doing, the last time I was printing up a whole tree's worth of gym receipts for someone, it got me thinking there must be a better way to accomplish this task. Well, there is! Get the gym member to do it themselves. (Insert parable here about "catch someone a fish they eat for a day, teach them to fish, they eat for a lifetime.")

So welcome to the first edition of "TACOMA STRENGTH TEACHES ME HOW TO USE SOMETHING SO I BECOME A BETTER ATHLETE AND GYM MEMBER." With a title like that, it may also be the last edition...

In a nutshell, did you know that you can manage your Tacoma Strength account online? You can update and change payment cards, see info about your gym plan, see past bills and print paid receipts, as well as register for upcoming classes. What else you ask? Well, you can also see how and when you have attended the gym and see your upcoming bill. And so much more!

Receive an email note from us your payment due failed?

Receive a note your plan with us is ending?

Sounds awesome Craig. But how do I do all of this?


Go to this link:

and log in to see your Tacoma Strength account.

  1. Enter your email address that you use with us (most likely it is the one you are receiving this newsletter at.)
  2. Enter your password. Are you stuck because you have no idea what your password is? Keep reading.

If you are stuck, then most likely, you either have forgotten your password, or you have never claimed access to your online account that we create for you when you join Tacoma Strength. So, either recover your password or claim your account, by clicking the appropriate link below the Login box.

After you have secured your account profile and logged in your dashboard will show you

On the right hand side of the dashboard you can

Any questions or problems doing so, be sure to email Craig

By Craig on Sunday, April, 19, 2015