Coach Jordan Officially Recognized As Head Trainer

As no surprise to anyone, Coach Jordan Coby is being officially recognized as “Head Trainer” at Tacoma Strength.

For many months now Jordan has been in charge of the direction our weekly class programming has headed as well as the onboarding process for new members getting started here at the gym. Jordan has a knack for programming thoughtful yet challenging workouts that adhere well to a sensible strength cycle to help keep us moving well and avoiding injury. His hard work and dedication in the gym (both while lifting AND working!) has also put him on our Tacoma Strength Partnership track. With his continued hard work, great ideas and willingness to learn and even lend a hand when needed, we look forward to Jordan assuming a future ownership role in Tacoma Strength. Congratulations Jordan! He has built a substantial personal training clientele here at Tacoma Strength and always has room to take on additional new clients as well. If you ever have a form or technique question or if you are still finding a specific movement elusive to you, be sure to inquire about setting up a training session with him.

By Craig on Thursday, June, 21, 2018