Kitchen Spice List

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There are 16 herbs & spices you should always use fresh.
There are 16 basic spices every kitchen should have.
Adding 18 additional spices to the first 16 makes for a well stocked kitchen.
If you are serious about cooking, then there are an additional 18 you will want to add.
If you stock all 66 spices listed here, you will be able to create almost any spice blend in the world right in your own home!
Most dry spices should be purchased in their whole form and then ground as needed by you. (Note that most listed here are in whole form)
Dried spices in whole form keep longer than chopped or ground spices. Their volatile oils dont evaporate as quickly
You can get up to two years storage time for whole spices, but only 3 months to a year storage time for chopped or ground spices
For grinding your own spices, purchase a Mortar & Pestle or use an inexpensive blade coffee grinder
Don’t buy spice blends unless you know exactly what is in them. Most spice blends include fillers, high amounts of salt, inferior quality spices and anti-caking agents. Often when they list the ingredients as “spices” that is a cue for MSG! Get creative and mix your own curries, Garam Masala, Beef Jerky blends, steak rubs, etc!

Best Used Fresh (Always Buy These Items Fresh Or Grow Your Own):
1. Basil
2. Bay leaves
3. Cilantro
4. Chervil
5. Chilis (Jalapeno, Poblano, etc.)
6. Dill
7. Fennel (except seeds)
8. Garlic
9. Ginger
10. Onion
11. Oregano
12. Parsley
13. Rosemary
14. Sage
15. Tarragon
16. Thyme

Every Kitchen Should Have:
1. Salt (sea)
2. Peppercorns Black (whole)
3. Basil (whole)
4. Bay Leaf (whole)
5. Chili powder (ground)
6. Cumin (ground)
7. Fennel Seed
8. Garlic (granulated)
9. Mustard (ground yellow)
10. Onion (ground powder)
11. Oregano (whole)
12. Paprika (Hungarian)
13. Red pepper flakes (crushed)
14. Rosemary (whole)
15. Sage (ground)
16. Thyme (whole)

For A Great Kitchen, Add These Spices:
1. Anise seed
2. Caraway seed
3. Celery seed
4. Cinnamon stick
5. Clove (whole)
6. Coriander (whole)
7. Dill weed
8. Ginger (dried)
9. Mustard (ground brown - Chinese)
10. Nutmeg (whole)
11. Peppercorns Black (ground)
12. Pepper Cayenne (ground)
13. Poppy seed
14. Saffron
15. Savory (whole)
16. Sesame seeds (white or black)
17. Turmeric
18. Wasabi (Asian horseradish)

Going To The Next Level Of Cooking Greatness In Your Kitchen:
1. Allspice (whole)
2. Anise (whole star)
3. Annatto seed (whole)
4. Cardamom (pods or seeds)
5. Cumin (whole seed)
6. Dill seed
7. Fenugreek (whole)
8. Juniper berries
9. Lavender
10. Mace (Grenada blade)
11. Marjoram (whole)
12. Mustard Seed (Brown)
13. Mustard Seed (Yellow)
14. Oregano Mexican (whole)
15. Paprika (smoked)
16. Peppers (whole Arbol chilies)
17. Peppers (whole Guajillo chilies)
18. Pepper White (ground)

Achieving Kitchen Spice Perfection!
1. Ajwain seed
2. Charnushka - Nigella Sativa (black caraway)
3. Epazote
4. Galangal
5. Grains of Paradise
6. Kala jeera (Black Cumin)
7. Mahlab (sour cherry pits)
8. Sumac berry (ground) 
9. Peppercorns Green (whole)
10. Peppercorns Pink (whole)
11. Peppercorns Szechuan (whole)
12. Peppers (whole Cascabel Chilis)
13. Peppers (whole Dundicut Chilis)
14. Peppers (whole Sanaam Chilis)